I was asked to photograph fresh fruit and veg in a creative way to be used for advertising at Hackney Central Station for TRiFOCAL (Transforming City Food Habits for Life).  TRiFOCAL is an EU LIFE funded project led by Resource London (the partnership between WRAP and the London Waste and Recycling Board) and Groundwork London. The project aims to achieve sustainable food systems in cities by combining and communicating three key messages:

 Preventing food waste by changing how people plan, shop for and prepare their meals and store their food
 Promoting healthy sustainably eating
 Recycling unavoidable food waste

Between September 2017 and March 2019, TRiFOCAL are delivering activity across London to raise awareness around the three target food behaviours. The aim is to encourage consumers to stop wasting food, eat healthily and sustainably and recycle more inedible food waste. The goal is to reach people at different points in their day and across different parts of their life in in order to prompt changes in behaviour at moments when they are most receptive.